Strategic Business Development

Entoro International partners with our clients in evaluating some of their most strategic and complex decisions. We understand that international transactions often are not “plain vanilla” and require significant development work up-front to create a bankable project, structuring to improve the “financeability” and attractiveness to investors: quantifying and managing both the business and technical risks.

Our international team combines relevant experience and practical business acumen. Our Managing Directors have gained extensive finance and deal-making expertise spanning multiple related disciplines, including: deal origination, partner identification and alliance negotiations, commodity risk management, transaction structuring, asset valuation, project and structured finance, operational oversight and regulatory knowledge.

  • Identify opportunities for value creation and business growth
  • Align strategy and goals
  • Identify and manage associated risks
  • Structuring for ease of execution and financeability
  • Develop a sustainable model for long-term business success

International Transaction Advisory

At Entoro International we establish client relationships built on trust and discretion and work with our clients to gain a clear view of their alternatives by evaluating and prioritizing financial and operational information. For every mandate, Entoro advises its clients as to timing, structure, financing and pricing, as well as assisting in negotiations and the closing of the deal.

Entoro meets the challenges of investing and minimizes risk and cost throughout the investment process. We have run energy businesses and negotiated deals on behalf of many leading energy companies, so we truly understand what it is like “sitting on the other side of the table.”

  • Sell-side advisory
  • Buy-side advisory
  • Board and Executive Committee advisory
  • Fairness opinions and valuations
  • Special situations, liability management and recapitalization advisory

Major Project Development

At Entoro International we are highly experienced in managing the integrated project development process from identification of the business opportunity, strategy development, through feasibility studies, financial structuring, capital raising and co-ordination of all parties within the transaction to ensure successful completion of an economically viable project.

Entoro's team has led a broad variety of project development transactions as both principals and advisors. We understand that not only does the deal need to close; the project execution needs to be efficient meeting cost, time and quality objectives; and someone has to live with it afterwards.

  • Opportunity identification and project definition
  • Feasibility studies, and business case development
  • Contracts, permitting and licensing
  • Project finance
  • Project management and company set-up

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